Are you or do you know a female ULTIMATE baseball fan?

Women and Baseball presents…

The 2012 Katie Casey Awards for Female Baseball Fans!

During the 2012 season Women and Baseball will be accepting submissions for Best Female Baseball Fans. To apply, simply emailWomenandBaseball@gmail.com a photograph of yourself showcasing your fan hood, the story of your team devotion, and a description of why you are the Katie Casey of the Year in 100 words or fewer. You may enter a friend if you promise to share the prize with her!

Top Awards:

**Katie Casey Award: Best Female Fan of the Season**

Prizes: Women and Baseball KCA t-shirt, hat, & trophy, framed story and photo, and MLB.com gift card.


*1st Runner-up — Hardcore Fan: Best Story of Fan hood*

Prizes: Women and Baseball Hardcore Fan t-shirt and hat. Framed Story.

*2nd Runner-up —Hardcore Fan: Best Photo*

Prizes: Women and Baseball Hardcore Fan t-shirt and hat. Framed Photo.

Additional Awards:

*Best Fan Gear*

Prize : Women and Baseball t-shirt.

*Best Stadium Photo*

Prize : Women and Baseball t-shirt.

*Best Photo with a Player*

Prize : Women and Baseball t-shirt.

Competition Guidelines:  Submissions will be posted throughout the entire pre, regular, and post 2012 Season, March 2 – the day after the last game of the World Series. Contestants may submit entries beginning Friday, February 24, 2012 at 12:00am PST. All contestant information will be reviewed by Women and Baseball and finalists will be selected for fan voting. Fan voting will be open for two weeks following the end of the season and winners will be announced on November 16, 2012.Only one entry per fan. Each participant may enter one friend in addition to their own personal entry.

And may the battle for best Katie Casey of the Year begin!

For more information about the meaning behind “Katie Casey” please see the following post or Wikipedia article:




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