WISE - Women in Sports and Events

If you’re a business woman trying to break into baseball (or other sports and events) this WISE the club for you! It’s a great non-profit designed for recognition, education, and networking. They have monthly meet-ups and educational events. This month their podcast featured one of our favorite female baseball executives, Kim Ng. 

Here’s some great info from the podcast, but to hear the whole thing, and we highly recommend it, you would sign up for WISE here.

Kim Ng
WISE Women of the Year Honoree 2000
Senior Vice President, Baseball Operations, 
Major League Baseball

"You have to incorporate the imagination of those around you and not be afraid of it."

Career Lesson
"I think if you are working hard and doing your job well, people recognize you. I think you can be so sidetracked by looking too far ahead that if you don’t do your job well, those opportunities will never come — let alone the one that you want."

Getting Personal
Childhood aspiration: Professional tennis player
Favorite comfort food: Mashed potatoes and stuffing with gravy
Proudest personal accomplishment: Playing a part in people now saying “he or she” instead of just he.”

FEMALE PLAYER. CHELSEA BAKER. She’s cute, sweet, and can throw a knuckleball. You can have your arguments over whether Chelsea Baker, 13 years old, is the best little league pitcher in the country,  but I’m just happy she’s part of the conversation.